Specific LPN/RN Services

Just a little help Professional Services offer the expertise and skills that you may require for more specific medical and nursing needs in your home. We are experienced LPN and RN’s and our goal is to support the nursing aspect of the care and allow you to  remain in your home with your family and friends in a holistic atmosphere.

Our Services

  • Colostomy care
  • Wound care
  • Monitoring blood Pressure and Blood sugars
  • Liaison Between Family and Family Doctor
  • Monitor Changes in Health Status-assist you in knowing when you may need to follow up with your family physician.
  • Palliative care- End of life
  • Medication Reminders

Just a Little Help is here to provide in Home support and care for the palliative client and their families during  end of life. We work collaboratively with your Homecare Case manager, Palliative Care Team, Physician and most importantly you and your loved ones needs during this difficult time. Read more about our Palliative Care Services, click here.